We extract lithium from oil and gas wastewater

Element3 is creating a secure, domestic supply of lithium and other critical materials.

What if we didn’t need to dig up Nevada to power the energy transition?

Oil and gas wastewater is one of our nation’s largest untapped natural resources.

The U.S. oil and gas industry generates one trillion gallons of wastewater each year as a byproduct of operations. Despite containing valuable resources, this water is largely discarded. We can transform today’s waste into valuable commodities to fuel the growing energy demands of tomorrow.

1 Trillion Gallons

Each year, one trillion gallons of wastewater are produced from ancient subsurface rock as a part of existing U.S. oil and gas operations.

250,000 Tons

We estimate the commercially extractable resource equates to at least 250,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year.

5 Million
EVs a Year

This is enough lithium to manufacture approximately 5 million base model electric vehicles per year.

Why Lithium?

As a key element in electric vehicles, energy storage, consumer electronics, and advanced manufacturing, demand for lithium is surging to unprecedented heights.

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Our Approach

Element3’s technology and business model are designed specifically for the unique operational demands and economic structure of the oil and gas industry.

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