Our Approach

Built for Oil & Gas

With a focus on oil and gas wastewater, we are built for the demands of low concentration oilfield brines and oilfield operations. Our technology is driven by patented and patent-pending innovations from leading scientists and is being implemented with the help of some of the biggest names in independent oil and gas.

Our Technology

Technology selected for the oilfield.

Commercial at Lower Concentrations

No pre-concentration required, effective to single digit PPMs.

Ideal for High Volumes

Fast extraction, skid mounted to move with volumes.

Flexible with Feedstocks

Operates at ambient temperatures and across a wide pH.

Core Benefits

An approach tailored for operations.

Modular & Scalable

Our plants are skid based and modular. They are right-sized for the volume and can be moved with the resource.

Low Environmental Impact

We decrease lithium extraction's carbon and water footprint by 90 percent compared to traditional mining.

No Disruption to Existing Operations

Our solution is engineered to work with existing surface equipment and operations.

Exceptional Partners

Our team, partners, and investors boast an impressive pedigree and an excellent track record across science, engineering, and the energy industry. Our oil and gas operations partners have delivered some of the industry's most remarkable results in recent history.